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Where The Magic Starts


The Reason of La Quinta

There are places with the ability to move in space or time. Places whose mere mention remind us of feelings, smiles, moments shared. We Argentines have our country-escape to breathe and cleanse ourselves from everyday life. They smell like asado and fresh fruit and sound like the windy voices of trees. That is La Quinta Restaurant: a little piece of Argentina in Spain, a refuge for friends and family where everything is made by hand, with time, patience and affection.


Our logo is an artistic recreation of half an apple, that symbolic fruit that has been accompanying us since the beginning of time, representing temptations, transmitter of spells, sources of health …

In our origins, the first apple expelled a man and a woman from paradise and filled us with prejudices.

The second one came centuries later falling on the head of Newton, forever changing the face of science.

Much later, a third apple would seal the record deal for the Fab Four from Liverpool, without whose music today the world would be somewhat poorer.

And for 6 years a fourth apple decorated our pots in the Santa Maria’s old club-house where we continue to grow to take the next step…